Service Areas

Automotive and Automotive Sub-industry

The most recognized Japanese and important German automotive manufacturers in the industry are direct users of our brand, THK.

Another similar product range is the maintenance-free spherical roller bearings, articulations and ball joints, which our RBC (USA) and UNIBAL (SWISS) brands are producing for heavy-duty vehicles, tractors and rally vehicles.

These two brands are also preferred by serious automotive manufacturers worldwide. It has even been used in many Formula 1 vehicles for a very long time. Heavy load capacities and shock absorptive properties as well as maintenance-free features are the reasons why our brands are most preferred.

In the field of truck and tractor production, connection bushes, pivot bearings for up and down motion cylinders, suspension roller bearings stand out.

Another product of our sector is bearing bushings, bushings, washers and plates for ”PERMAGLIDE“ piston rods produced by “MS-Motor SERVICE” of the German “Rheinmetall” Group companies.

These products are produced according to European Union norms and regulations and the body and coating materials are selected according to the emission rates.

Due to the fact that they are not only maintenance-free or non-maintenance types due to their lightness and coating, they are also highly demanded in automotive and automotive sub-industries.

Scissor working platforms, automotive lift systems, windshield wipers, drive gears, air valves, pedal systems, seat mechanisms, shock absorbers are the main application areas.

Permaglide, the world’s leader in its field, is able to respond to all your demands with a quality & price balance basis.