Our Service Mentality:

It aims to carry the service that it provides to its customers at the highest level by reflecting the experience that it has gained since 1989.

Our qualified engineers and sales team are consulting in meeting the needs of our customers and serve as a partner at all stages from design to serial production, not only as a supplier but also as a partner in direct sales or projectbased works.

Our company produces perfect and precise solutions for the needs of its customers by organizing promotional and training meetings where the engineers of our overseas firms that we represent will participate.

Our Manner of Work and Principles:

Stock Management:

To create a broad and qualified stock structure so that our customers’ needs can be best met

Quick Feedback:

Being able to offer the shortest possible time for all our bearings and equipment needs, especially for products that our customers have difficulty in supplying.

Optimum Supply Conditions:

Ability to import material from abroad in 36-72 hours to meet urgent material demands.

Delivery Abroad:

To be able to deliver to overseas customers (FOB) with reasonable price and delivery conditions for bearings and other industrial products that they might to supply through our own company and partner companies in Germany, France and UK.


To be able to sell and export with tax advantage in case our customers are established in free zones or have foreign branches and institutions.

Consignment Work:

To share our customers’ stock burden and to provide cost advantages, we can work in stock under contracts to be mutually signed, or conduct conciliation work for brands that we distribute and import.

Alternative Product Presentation:

We are able to offer both cost advantage and procurement convenience by bringing alternative product proposals to our customers through our partner factories abroad which are constantly needed, especially for special bearings without standard production

Training and Project Consultancy:

In particular, for our customers being able to use our branded products more efficiently of which we are distributor, being able to provide our customers with training and design and projecting services through our engineer staff.

Offering New Products:

In parallel with the developments in the sector, to identify new products belonging to high quality and alternative producers with our research abroad and present these products to the attention of our customers. We constantly improve our product range and update it according to the diversity of needs.

Customer Relations:

Making sure that all of our customers’ requests in all aspects of the trade such as quotation, order, supply, shipping, payment / maturity are evaluated clearly and when necessary, making presentations suitable to each customer’s expectations.